Selena Gomez “Rehab” Story Made Up By Tabloid

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By Daniel Gates


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“Is former Disney princess Selena Gomez headed to rehab?” asks Star. The tabloid claims that the pop star’s recent decision to cancel her Australia concerts is due to problems “more serious than simply needing a break.”

A so-called “friend” tells Star that things began unraveling for Gomez when she signed on for the edgy movie Spring Breakers. “Selena started hanging out and partying with [co-stars] Vanessa [Hudgens] and Ashley [Benson],” explains the tab’s insider. “And once they wrapped, the party didn’t end.” According to the Star source, “Her friends and family are worried that there might be a serious problem. They want to help her — and if that means getting her into a discreet rehab, that’s what they will do.”

This is 100 percent made up. Gomez is NOT heading to rehab, nor is her inner circle concerned that there’s anything even resembling a reason for her to go to rehab. Of course, Star is the same outlet that once falsely alleged that Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber was hooked on sizzurp and wrongly said Gomez was staging an “intervention.” The latest overheated report is just as fabricated. A source close to Gomez tells Gossip Cop the suggestion that she’s in need of rehab is TOTALLY “false.”

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