Selena Gomez Can’t Pronounce Zedd’s Real Last Name “Zaslavski” (VIDEO)

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Selena Gomez pronounce Zedd Name Zaslavski

By Michael Lewittes


Selena Gomez pronounce Zedd Name Zaslavski

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Maybe music producer and DJ Zedd goes by that name because his real name, Anton Zaslavski, is too hard for most people, including his reported girlfriend Selena Gomez, to pronounce. On Wednesday night, Gomez and her friend Theresa Mingus posted a video on Instagram of them trying, and failing miserably, to pronounce Zedd’s name (video below).

The pair’s inability to get his name right leads Gomez and Mingus to giggle throughout the video that they removed from Instagram, but which a fan uploaded to YouTube. After Mingus, at one point, ventures, “Zaslaski,” Gomez points out there a “V. There’s a V in it.” Clearly, Zedd, which in many languages is actually how the letter “Z” is pronounced, is much easier than Zaslavski.

Whether she can say his real name or not, it hasn’t seemed to stop Gomez and Zedd from having fun and spending time together. The music producer head down to the Atlanta set of The Fundamental of Caregiving to spend time with Gomez right before shooting began. The two were spotted out to dinner and bowling, smiling and laughing the whole time.

And while the two are also working on music together, they are not expecting a baby, despite a ridiculous story that Gossip Cop was first to debunk. Check out the video below of Gomez and her friend Theresa Mingus mangling Zedd’s real name, and tell us what you think.

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