Selena Gomez Producing “13 Reasons Why” Netflix Series, But NOT Starring

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Selena Gomez 13 Reasons Why

By Michael Lewittes

Selena Gomez 13 Reasons Why

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Selena Gomez is going to executive produce a 13-episode Netflix series based on the best-selling novel 13 Reasons Why about a teen named Hannah Baker who committed suicide. While some outlets claim Gomez will also star as Baker, her rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop that she is “just producing” the miniseries alongside her mom Mandy Teefey.

The basic premise of the 2007 novel by Jay Asher and now the miniseries is that a young man named Clay, who had a crush on Baker, receives 13 cassette tapes from her after her suicide. The 13 tapes come with instructions that they be given to 12 other of Baker’s former classmates. Once the tapes are played, the 13 recipients learn how each one of them contributed to her suicide and the reasons why.

Gomez was reportedly so moved by the book after reading it that she wanted to adapt it first as a movie, but then as a TV miniseries. This marks the singer and actress’ first time as an executive producer of a TV series. Though Gomez got her start in TV, first on “Barney & Friends” and then “Wizards of Waverly Place,” she won’t be starring on the show because she’s busy with her second album Revival, which has already spawned the hit single “Good For You.”

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