Selena Gomez Visited Justin Bieber in Norway Because His Mom “Begged” Her?

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By Michael Lewittes


Selena Gomez did not fly to Norway to “stage a reconciliation” with Justin Bieber, reports the National Enquirer. Then why did she go?

According to the mag, Gomez only went because Bieber’s “distraught” mom Pattie Mallette “begged” the former Disney star to “talk her out-of-control son into ditching his dangerous, druggie friends and get professional counseling before he’s led down the path to drug abuse!” Oh, okay!

A purported “insider” for the tab alleges, “Pattie called Selena and made a desperate plea, asking her to convince Justin he needs counseling about the dangers of drugs.” “Selena agreed,” says the made up source, who adds, “She still cares for Justin a great deal, yet refuses to be dragged down the dangerous path he’s chosen.”

Well, that’s one theory on why Gomez flew to Norway to see Bieber. However, just like Star’s previous report that the actress visited her ex because his pastor Judah Smith urged her to, this story is totally FALSE.

As boring as it may sound to the drama-loving tabloids, Gomez went to Norway simply because she wanted to see Bieber. That’s it. In any case, a Gomez insider tells Gossip Cop the mag’s “intervention” tale is completely BOGUS.

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National Enquirer

Selena Gomez visited Justin Bieber in Norway because his mom begged her.

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