REP: Selena Gomez NOT Woman In Alleged Leaked “Topless” Photos (EXCLUSIVE)

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Selena Gomez Topless Naked

By Daniel Gates



Nude Selena Gomez photos have possibly leaked, gullible outlets like HollywoodLife were all too eager to announce on Wednesday. The webloid shrieked, “A series of topless nude photos have been leaked via a hacked cell phone, and they’re allegedly of Selena! Could they really be of her? The resemblance is pretty uncanny.” Oh?

“The girl’s nipples are showing in every photo; if she’s not fully topless, she’s pulling her top aside to reveal her bare breasts,” notes the blog. Oh? HollywoodLife observes, “The topless girl has the same moles on her chest that Selena does!” OH?!

“She also appears to have the same rounded shape to her jaw that Selena does,” says the site. The webloid repeatedly links Gomez to the pictures, and goes so far as to speculate that she may have been sending them to Justin Bieber.

Earth to HollywoodLife (and everyone else): THAT’S NOT SELENA GOMEZ. The photos are old, and they are not of Gomez. One online gallery posted the pictures 11 months ago, and pretty much everything from the topless woman’s arms to her chin to her hair to her jawline to her breasts do NOT match Gomez’s own attributes.

If HollywoodLife cared about accuracy, it wouldn’t have posted its headline, “Selena Gomez: Topless Photos Leaked — Allegedly Of Her” or given any credence to these photos. But HollywoodLife doesn’t care. That’s NOT Selena Gomez. A rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively it’s “not her.”

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