Site Busted Posting Side By Side Stories Claiming Selena Gomez Has ‘Moved Past’ Justin Bieber & ‘Tempting Him’ With Selfies

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Selena Gomez Hates Justin Bieber Girlfriend

By Michael Lewittes

Selena Gomez Hates Justin Bieber Girlfriend


HollywoodLife, which has created a cottage industry of running one inaccurate story after another attempting to link Selena Gomez to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, posted a confounding story on Sunday that claims Gomez “hates” being known as “only Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.” Actually, most outlets only publish stories about Gomez, or her music without ever linking her to her ex. And Gossip Cop generally mentions the two when just debunking inaccurate stories that feebly try to link them together, though Gomez and Bieber have been apart for some time now.

The latest head-scratching piece from HollywoodLife, which actually has a tab “Justin & Selena” on the top of its site, claims Gomez “hates being tied to Justin in any way, shape or form.” The webloid then quotes one of its supposed sources as saying, “Hearing that she is with Justin and should be with Justin or shouldn’t be with Justin is exhausting… She wants to be known in her eyes and to others as Selena Gomez.” The site even says, “Selena obviously could care less about what Justin thinks since she’ll be spending the New Year in Dubai with Justin’s close friend Kendall Jenner The girls spending time together really shows that Selena has moved past Justin.”

By that logic then, HollywoodLife will remove its “Justin & Selena” tab and stop linking her to Bieber in a seemingly never ending stream of bogus stories, right? Gossip Cop is skeptical, but we’ll give HollywoodLife the benefit of doubt, and see if they can go 24 hours or, dare say, even 48 hours without trying to tie the two together. Whoops. The site actually couldn’t even go 48 minutes before needlessly (and wrongly) linking the two.

Under an hour after claiming Gomez “hates” being connected to Bieber, the webloid took a perfectly standard celebrity selfie posted by Gomez, who’s on vacation with girlfriends Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and completely manufactured an absurd story titled, “Selena Gomez’s Sexiest Selfie Ever — Tempting Justin Bieber?” (See the two contradictory posts below.)

What’s more, even though 48 minutes earlier the blog stated, “Selena obviously could care less about what Justin thinks” and “Selena has moved past Justin,” its next post completely contradicted itself by claiming that her (unrelated) selfie “looks like Selena is showing her ex Justin what he’s missing.” HollywoodLies er, HollywoodLife, at the very minimum needs to get its stories straight. But more importantly, Gomez doesn’t think she’s known as “only Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.”

HollywoodLife has been trying to milk that false narrative for too long, and Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted the site for being wrong and shamelessly attempting to use Gomez as a prop in some sort of manufactured daily drama involving Bieber. Actually, the only thing that’s for sure is that Gomez hates is HollywoodLife for making up stories about her. Not long ago she posted on Instagram, “Hollywood life is never true. Ever.”



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