Selena Gomez Did NOT Take Molly at Party

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By Daniel Gates

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Selena Gomez took Molly, says the National Enquirer, which recently manufactured a false story about Zac Efron overdosing on heroin. According to the tabloid’s supposed “eyewitness,” the singer used the drug at a private house party in the Hollywood Hills over the summer.

No date is given, nor is the eyewitness identified, although the Enquirer makes sure to say the tipster “passed a polygraph test.” The magazine’s “bombshell” comes one week after sister publication Star made up a story about Gomez going to rehab. “Justin Bieber was at the same party, but I didn’t see him using drugs that night,” says the Enquirer source, explaining, “I was more focused on Selena because, up to that point, I didn’t know she took drugs. But she clearly knew what she was doing.” The alleged eyewitness adds, “This certainly wasn’t her first time ‘rolling’ (the term ‘Molly’ users refer to getting high).”

Wow, what a natural-sounding quote. “She ingested less than a gram of the drug in a bottle of water, which is one of the most common ways of doing it,” continues the Enquirer source. How helpful. The Enquirer tries to connect its allegations to Gomez’s “bizarre public meltdown” — which is how the magazine describes her cancellation of an Australian tour. According to the outlet, fans are “wondering what has happened to the former Disney darling,” which might be why the Enquirer decided to publish an out-of-nowhere, completely uncorroborated drug use story several months after it allegedly happened.

The entire story is so thin, the Enquirer is forced to treat Gomez’s recent show of support for friend Demi Lovato at a 12-step meeting as though it’s somehow suspicious. Of course, the Enquirer just finished spreading a false rumor about Lovato and Gomez allegedly fighting over a movie role, so it might need new sources. In any case, the fact that no one else saw Gomez using Molly in the last six months is because she hasn’t been using it, despite what the Enquirer says. A rep for Gomez flatly denies the entire report, saying, “Any claim that Selena is using or has used the drug known as ‘molly’ is ridiculous.”

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