Kris Jenner NOT Selena Gomez’s “New Manager,” Despite Star Report

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Selena Gomez Kris Jenner Manager

By Shari Weiss

Selena Gomez Kris Jenner Manager


Selena Gomez has NOT hired Kris Jenner to be her new manager, despite a false report from this week’s tabloids.

Gossip Cop can debunk this rumor right here.

The claim comes from Star, which alleges Gomez “is under Kris’ control,” having supposedly “enlisted” Jenner “to be her new manager.” The magazine calls the move “a devastating blow” to Gomez’s mother Mandy, who previously helped handle her career.

“Mandy understands Selena’s decision to upgrade her management,” a so-called “family friend” tells Star. “But she worries about Kris turning Selena into a trashy Kardashian.”

The tab further claims that Gomez, allegedly “sick of being known as Justin [Biebers] girlfriend,” is “all too willing to undergo an image overhaul, even if it means losing her family in the process.”

The Star tipster alleges, “On the rare occasion when Mandy does talk to her daughter, it’s ‘Kris says this’ and ‘Kris thinks that’ — Selena is completely under her spell.”

“Kris is giving her advice on where to be seen, what to wear and what to share online,” claims the mag’s snitch, “and Selena is lapping it up.”

Not so fast — here’s what’s really going on here.

Gomez and Jenner recently shared transportation together, after both being in Paris — along with many other stars — for Fashion Week, and Jenner posted a pic on Instagram (see above). Star apparently saw that as an opportunity to run an otherwise baseless story about the pair supposedly working together.

It’s just not true — nor is the allegation that Gomez is practically estranged from her mother. As Gossip Cop already reported, Mandy was the star’s date to the Rudderless premiere just last week.

Furthermore, a close to Gomez and Jenner tells Gossip Cop that the Star report is “so stupid.”

Sounds about right.

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