Selena Gomez & Niall Horan Kissing “Date” Just Another FAKE HollywoodLife Story

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By Daniel Gates

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Selena Gomez supposedly “made out” with Niall Horan, and allegedly did so to make Justin Bieber jealous, claims HollywoodLife.

Let’s pause right here, at the top.

It’s true that Gomez and Horan posed for pictures together in London on Sunday.

Everything else that HollywoodLife writes beyond that one fact is pure, unsubstantiated speculation.

In the blog’s first manufactured story on the subject, a “source” claims “things got pretty steamy between the two sexy stars,” and that the two went on a “date.”

Um… there’s a problem.

The alleged eyewitness has NO name, there’s NO location given for where the “date” supposedly took place, NO other details are provided, and NO other outlets — especially British outlets that would actually have knowledgable sources in London — back up this version of events.


Ah, but HollywoodLife had a very specific reason for making up the first story — setting the table for a second story claiming that Gomez orchestrated the whole thing to make Bieber “jealous.”

A fake source tells this fake news outlet, “She knows it’s going to piss Justin off because he always says that 1D is trying to steal his crown.”


Let’s use some basic logic.

Even if Gomez and Horan were kissing — and, again, HollywoodLife provides absolutely no evidence — if NO ONE SAW IT, how is it supposed to make Bieber jealous, exactly?


Gomez and Horan are just the latest victims of the webloid’s disastrous “reporting,” by which HollywoodLife regularly makes up stuff and grossly sensationalizes because its sources are uninformed.

This same outlet has repeatedly spread fake stories about One Direction and Gomez, shamelessly continuing to peddle speculation as though it’s fact.

Enough is enough.

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