HollywoodLife Lies About Selena Gomez & Kendall Jenner “Feud”

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Selena Gomez Kendall Jenner Feud

By Daniel Gates

Selena Gomez Kendall Jenner Feud


HollywoodLife, which seems to post fan fiction masquerading as news, is at it once again, flip-flopping on an alleged Selena GomezKendall Jenner feud the site made up. Because the webloid seems to have contempt for its readers and most celebrities, never acknowledging its almost hourly mistakes and contradictions, Gossip Cop is left to clean up the mess.

On Sunday, HollywoodLife ran this headline: “Cara Delevingne & Selena Gomez Inseparable At Gala: Dissing Kendall Jenner?” The story interpreted Delevingne and Gomez hanging out together at the LACMA Art & Film Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday to mean they might be “working together” against Jenner. Why? There’s literally no reason given. HollywoodLife just points out that Delevingne had been hanging out with Jenner earlier, so there must therefore be some kind of drama among the three women.

“Where does Cara’s allegiance truly stand: with Selena or with Kendall?” asks HollywoodLife. “This remains to be seen, but hopefully a major blowout isn’t on the horizon over all of this friendship flip-flopping.” Here’s what HollywoodLife seems to think: Women can never, ever be friendly. They’re always plotting against each other.

Another great detail from this first HollywoodLife story? The writer forgot to pull out this adorable instruction: “Insert remaining body paragraph(s) here.” Really! Check it out below, in case there was any doubt HollywoodLife is basically a “Mad Lib”-style template into which reporters (cough) plug names and places and verbs without giving anything much thought.

In any case, HollywoodLife only wrote the feud story so that it could flip-flop 24 hours later. On Monday, the site ran this headline: “Selena Gomez Makes Up With With Kendall Jenner After Justin Bieber Drama.” (We’re guessing the extra “with” is for emphasis!)

The site pretends to be completely baffled by Gomez and Delevigne singing “Happy Birthday” to Jenner. “So weird!” declares the webloid. “We know Kendall and Cara are close friends, but Kendall and Selena have had a shaky history! Kendall played a huge role in the recent Jelena split!”

No, she didn’t. That’s a lie. HollywoodLife is lying. HollywoodLife lies a lot. HollywoodLife lies constantly. HollywoodLife can’t stop lying. Because if HollywoodLife stopped lying, it might have to do some real work. Kendall Jenner did NOT break up Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. There’s no Bieber-Jenner romance. There’s no Gomez-Jenner feud. Stop lying, HollywoodLife.

HollywoodLife Mistake


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