Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Fan Fiction Flooding Out Of HollywoodLife

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

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On Monday, HollywoodLife told Selena Gomez not to “fall” for Justin Bieber’s alleged “love song,” when The Biebs posted an Instagram video in which he was seen singing Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

On Tuesday, HollywoodLife suggested that Gomez is “dating” Orlando Bloom to get “the ultimate revenge” on Bieber, because she and Bloom were photographed near each other at an airport before their We Day event.

On Wednesday, HollywoodLife implied that Bieber’s picture of himself in a bath tub was a bid to “get Selena Gomez’s attention,” and that Gomez should “ignore” his photo.

On Thursday, HollywoodLife said that because Gomez tagged mutual friend Alfredo Flores in a photo, it meant she and Bieber could “already be working on getting back together,” and that it showed how Gomez was “reaching out” to him. The site also wondered whether Bieber’s public flirtation with model Jacqueline Younis was intended as an attempt to “get back at Selena for her rumored romance with Orlando,” and that he hoped to make her “jealous” with his “discreet” tactics. If that sentence is confusing to you, it’s because HollywoodLife literally doesn’t know what the word “discreet” means.

On Friday, HollywoodLife alleged that Bieber was using Flores to win back Gomez (the opposite of what was happening on Thursday) and that the pop star had enlisted the help of his mom Pattie Mallette, whose unrelated tweet about forgiveness and communication was actually an attempt to “make a Jelena reunion happen!”

This is all a quick way of showing that HollywoodLife, which has lied and contradicted itself about Gomez and Bieber for years, is continuing to lie and contradict itself about Gomez and Bieber. The webloid uses literally anything either of the stars says or does to build a story that bears no relationship to reality.

Last month, Selena Gomez herself noted that HollywoodLife never tells the truth about her. Unfortunately, that pattern has held. If there’s any actual news with Bieber and Gomez, Gossip Cop will have it.

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