Selena Gomez Victim Of HollywoodLife Flip-Flopping On Justin Bieber Status

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

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It’s hard to keep up with the steady stream of HollywoodLife contradictions and nonsense regarding Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, but here’s yet another example of how the webloid is pretty much willing to say anything to pretend it has “exclusive” insight into their relationship. On Thursday, the blog claimed to have an “exclusive” about the “secret tricks [Gomez is] using to get over him.”

“Selena is doing a total media detox right now so she hasn’t seen the video of Justin’s partying, and she doesn’t want to,” claimed HollywoodLife’s source. “She’s asked all her friends not to mention his name and she says if she brings him up they should remind her that she doesn’t want to talk about him.”

The phony insider told the site, “She even made up a code word — ‘pineapple.’ That’s what everyone is supposed to say if she tries to talk about Justin!” (That’s absurd, of course, but let’s move on.) Regardless, this is what HollywoodLife wrote on Thursday: “Selena is making a huge effort to avoid everything about Justin right now because she wants to cleanse him from her life.” Got that? Gomez is allegedly trying to cleanse Bieber from her life, claims HollywoodLife.

Flash forward to Saturday. The site posted a video of Gomez doing an interview for her movie Rudderless, which it claims is from October 11. (That’s a lie, because HollywoodLife lies a lot and refuses to do even basic fact checking. The video was posted before October 11. Whatever.) In any case, the webloid describes Gomez’s interview like this: “Selena even goes as far as saying that she’s not ready to let go of her ex!”

That’s a lie. She says nothing of the sort in the video. Gomez makes no mention of Bieber — she talks about “being vulnerable and dealing with things” in a general sense, and how she can relate her personal life to some of the emotions her Rudderless character feels (see video below).

But she does not even indirectly refer to her on-and-off romance with Bieber. Regardless, HollywoodLife slaps this headline on the whole thing: “Selena Gomez Won’t Give Up Justin Bieber Despite Being Hurt.” Got that?

Gomez is allegedly doing the OPPOSITE of cleansing Bieber from her life, claims HollywoodLife. The lies, the contradictions, the twisting of words, the loose relationship with reality and facts… that’s what makes HollywoodLife HollywoodLife. Another week, another disservice to fans of Bieber, Gomez, and accuracy.

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