HollywoodLife Misleads Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Fans With Endless Flip-Flops

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By Daniel Gates

Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

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A few days ago, HollywoodLife completely fabricated a story about Justin Bieber allegedly proposing to Selena Gomez.

It was total fiction, not that the site seemed to care — after all, it got stunned fans to click on the story, which was the whole point. By the time the fans realized it was made up, it was too late.

In the days since that misleading report, HollywoodLife has published a series of contradictory, sensational pieces about Gomez that have no basis in reality.For an outlet that purports to be a “celebrity news” site, it’s embarrassing.

It’s time to hold the webloid accountable for its serial flip-flopping and rumor manufacturing. When you actually take a step back and look at the site’s “reporting” with any kind of perspective, it becomes clear that HollywoodLife is exploiting fans of both Bieber and Gomez without much regard for consistency or truth.

On July 2, the site ran the bogus marriage proposal story. Later that same day, HollywoodLife ran an editorial telling Bieber to “dump her for good.” Huh? Meanwhile, HollywoodLife was telling everyone — again, on July 2 — that Bieber had a date with Chantel Jeffries. One day later, on July 3, the same outlet announced, “Justin Bieber Will Dump Chantel Jeffries For Selena Gomez On July 4th.” Again: Huh?!

Somehow, it got even worse. On the same day — July 3 — HollywoodLife declared, “Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber Leave Selena Gomez Alone On The Fourth Of July.” Wait, isn’t that when he was supposed to reunite with her, according to HollywoodLife? On July 4 itself, HollywoodLife got even more confusing. “Justin Bieber Partying In Miami With Girls: Breaking Selena Gomez’s Heart?” asked the outlet, hours before running this story: “Justin Bieber Tweets About Knowing Your ‘Heart’ — Missing Selena Gomez?”

How can HollywoodLife expect to be taken seriously when it keeps contradicting itself? Oh, but the webloid was far from finished. On July 5, HollywoodLife had these two gems, posted nearly side by side: “Selena Gomez Flaunts Sexy Midriff On July 4 — Tempting Sad Justin Bieber?” and “Selena Gomez Told Justin Bieber To Get Lost On 4th Of July.”

Here’s a serious question: Do the fake “sources” who give HollywoodLife these “stories” ever speak to each other to make sure this completely bogus soap opera actually makes sense? Enough is enough. Gossip Cop can barely keep up with all of the lies, exaggerations and contradictions HollywoodLife pumps into the gossip stream.

It’s become an assembly line for b.s. rumors that rarely come true and often make no logical sense. HollywoodLife should be shamed for apparently assuming its readers are fools and feeding them nonsense under the guise of “news.”


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