CLAIM: Selena Gomez’s Pals Hold “Crisis Talks” Over Justin Bieber Reunion

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By Daniel Gates


Selena Gomez’s team held “crisis talks” over the singer’s reunion with Justin Bieber, claims The Sun. According to the newspaper, “While Justin is revelling (sic) in successfully persuading his girlfriend to rekindle their romance, her friends and colleagues are devastated.”

One supposed insider tells The Sun, “We did everything we could to keep them apart but he was so persistent. It’s really unhealthy they have such a turbulent relationship at such a young age.”

“He leaves her in floods of tears constantly,” continues the outlet’s so-called source. “She has had a really difficult year or so dealing with the tense emotions that come with dating him. We thought she had finally broken free. But he has persuaded her to take him back again. There’s not much we can do about it — but we are going to try.” Try… how, exactly?

There are no details given — just a vague declaration that Gomez’s “concerned inner circle held crisis meetings last week” after Bieber posted an intimate shot of the duo, apparently confirming their relationship had resumed in the wake of Gomez’s trip to visit him in Europe. The reason The Sun can’t say how Gomez’s “inner circle” is trying to keep her and Bieber apart is because this is an entirely manufactured story, like previous gems about Bieber buying a house in Dubai. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “absolutely not” true.

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