Selena Gomez Was NOT At Justin Bieber’s House On Night of Egging, Despite Report

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By Daniel Gates


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Selena Gomez was NOT at Justin Bieber’s house the night he allegedly threw eggs at a neighbor’s property, despite yet another bogus RadarOnline report.

The outlet, which once believed a complete fraud’s tales about goings-on at Bieber’s home, now says that cops who are investigating the reported vandalism “could question” Gomez “because she was THERE.” This is 100 percent false.

According to RadarOnline, Gomez “had attended a party at Bieber’s home with a group of pals” but (conveniently for the site) “left before cops arrived on the scene that night.”

“Gomez’s presence at Bieber’s home on the night of the egging is a surprising post-script to their [sic] pair’s falling out,” says the blog.

She wasn’t present at the home. RadarOnline has no idea what’s going on with this story, still insisting, for instance, that Bieber sent Gomez “X-rated nude photos” last week during a “bitter texting fight.” As Gossip Cop already reported, those texts are fake, and we’ve since had additional sources confirm that those messages never happened.

Now we’ve learned that the new RadarOnline story about Gomez being with Bieber on the evening of the reported vandalism incident is also false. “Selena was not at Justin’s house, and in fact, was not even in town,” a source close to Gomez tells Gossip Cop about the night of the alleged egging. The reason cops never talked to Gomez about it is because she wasn’t even in Los Angeles, let alone at Bieber’s house. While other outlets blindly speculate as they go, Gossip Cop will stick to the facts in the ongoing Bieber situation.

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