CLAIM: Selena Gomez “Dissing” Taylor Swift By Friending Kendall Jenner

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By Michael Lewittes

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Selena Gomez Dissing Taylor Swift With Kendall Jenner Friendship,” reads the headline of yet another inaccurate HollywoodLife story. The latest tall tale claims that Gomez’s hanging out with Jenner at Coachella is “an obvious burn” toward Swift.

According to one of the webloid’s bogus sources, “Selena knows Taylor’s not going to be happy about it but she doesn’t care, she’s letting Taylor know that she’s not going to be controlled anymore.”

Let’s stop this nonsense right here. HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife has been trying to peddle the same fabricated Gomez-Swift rift for a while — and has been 100 percent wrong. There’s also no feud between Swift and Jenner. Of course, HollywoodLife is the same webloid that reported Swift was dating Zac Efron (wrong) and was getting married to Harry Styles back in 2012 (false), and that Gomez hooked up with Josh Hutcherson (untrue) and recently made out with Niall Horan (never happened).

To be lenient, the blog’s Swift and Gomez sources are not exactly reliable. Regardless, Gossip Cop some time ago checked in with a Swift pal, who assured us claims of the two young star being at odds are completely false, and that country star “thinks of Selena like a little sister and will always be there for her.”

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Selena Gomez is dissing Taylor Swift by befriending Kendall Jenner.

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