Selena Gomez NEVER Slated to Attend AMAs, Despite Made Up Claim

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By Michael Lewittes


Selena Gomez Not Attending AMAs After Justin Bieber Split,” reads the headline of another COMPLETELY FABRICATED story by the creative writers at Hollywoodlife. The bogus blog claims, “We got our hands on an exclusive photo of the seating arrangements for the Nov. 18 American Music Awards and Selena is not assigned a seat next to Justin Bieber.”

According to a previous MADE UP story by HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife, in which the clueless site thought the exes would reconcile, Gomez and Bieber were supposed to “sit side by side.” But when their MANUFACTURED report (see below) didn’t pan out, the webloid created another report that said they “switch AMA seats” (see below).

And when that also proved to be UNTRUE, HollywoodLife made up this latest tale which quotes a fictitious “source” as saying, “The seating arrangement at the upcoming American Music Awards HAS changed,” noting, “Justin and Selena will NOT be seated side-by-side.” HollywoodLife’s so-called source claims, “If Justin and Selena were still an item, I would assume she would be coming to support him. It’s a big night for Justin.”

OK, NONE of HollywoodLife’s story is true. Even the photo is a total FAKE.

Look at the DOCTORED pic (above) — why would only Bieber and Usher be assigned seats? And Usher and Bieber are separated by an empty seat which belonged to Gomez, yet they now haven’t been moved next to each other? But here’s the main thing: They were NEVER supposed to “sit side by side.” They NEVER had to “switch AMA seats.” Gomez NEVER was slated to attend the AMAs. HollywoodLife simply made up a series of FAKE stories. A source close to Gomez tells Gossip Cop, “She was never going,” adding, “Yet another completely fictional story.” Once again, there seems to be good reason for the nickname HollywoodLies.





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