Sean Penn NOT Cheating; Alleged “Mystery Blonde” Was GIRLFRIEND Charlize Theron!

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Sean Penn Cheating

By Daniel Gates

Sean Penn Cheating

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Sean Penn did NOT check into a hotel with a “mystery blonde,” despite a new tabloid report about an alleged “cheating scandal” surrounding the Oscar winner. Gossip Cop can bust this rumor, which began in the National Enquirer. The woman with Penn was… his girlfriend Charlize Theron.

Here’s how the Enquirer plays it: “Sean Penn is at the center of a sensational cheating scandal that could torpedo his romance with Hollywood glam girl Charlize Theron!” Why? Because, according to the tabloid, Penn “checked into Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel with another woman on Nov. 14 at around 10:30 p.m.” The Enquirer alleges Penn’s companion was a “hot young woman who appeared to be in her mid-20s.”

“You could tell from their body language that they looked like they were hooking up,” a supposed “eyewitness” tells the tabloid. “Sean Penn doesn’t hold hands with just anyone!”

Correct. He doesn’t hold hands with just anyone. He holds hands with his girlfriend, Charlize Theron. She was the woman with Penn. Reps for both Theron and Penn TOLD the Enquirer that the couple was at the Sunset Tower Hotel together, and that the supposed “mystery” person with Penn was, in fact, Theron. The Enquirer completely disregarded that information, because it torpedoed the tabloid’s lame story.

The reason the Enquirer has no pictures of Penn with a mystery woman is because there is no mystery woman, and the Enquirer wants to cover up the fact that Penn and Theron were together. Instead of an accurate story, we get a bogus “eyewitness” report from a source who either needs glasses or a wallet-sized picture of Theron to carry around so he or she doesn’t make this dumb mistake again. A rep for Penn tells Gossip Cop the story is “totally false,” confirming the Enquirer knew it was false and published it anyway.

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