AshLee Claims Sean Lowe Lied About Feelings For Other Girls On Women Tell All


By Michael Lewittes



Sean Lowe lived through every man’s worst nightmare on Monday night. The insurance agent was confronted by the ladies he scorned on Monday’s “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” special.

And while Desiree had nothing but kind words for her former flame, AshLee was not so forgiving. After telling Chris Harrison that Lowe “kinda acted like a frat boy” in how he seemingly played her and the other girls, the professional organizer met face-to-face with the man who broke her heart. AshLee asked Lowe why he sent her home, and he told her that there was just “no laughter” in their relationship, whereas he always had fun with Catherine and Lindsay (the remaining two women). She then confronted him for making her suffer through the rose ceremony when he knew he was eliminating her, saying she felt “dishonored” by him in that moment. Lowe empathized with her, comparing the situation to Emily Maynard giving him the boot, but would only say that she couldn’t understand unless she were in his shoes.

Finally, AshLee told Lowe she “really believed I was the one,” namely because he allegedly revealed to her during their night in the fantasy suite that there was “absolutely nothing” between him and Catherine or Lindsay. Everyone was taken aback her AshLee’s accusation — especially Lowe, who claimed to never have said that. Eventually, he conceded that if he said something along those lines he was very sorry for that. Hm…

As for Desiree, Lowe explained that the ultimate reason he sent her home because she did not fully “let me in,” and Desiree seemed to acknowledge this was true. She also seemed to be campaigning to be the next “Bachelorette,” telling Harrison all she wanted was to “make someone happy.”

The show also featured some good old Tierra-bashing, with Robyn calling her “delusional,” AshLee looking as if she were ready to fight her and Lesley joking, “She made her own cot [to lie in].” (It’s funny because Tierra spent most of her time isolated from the other women during their trips, sitting alone on her cot).


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