Site Fabricates Story About Seal Partying with Women in Hotel Room Next to His Kids

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By Daniel Gates


A rumor started by RadarOnline claims Seal partied with two women at an Australian hotel while his children were in the next room. The singer stars on that country’s version of “The Voice,” and has been staying at a Sydney hotel with his family while shooting the show. But Gossip Cop can report it’s absolutely not true.

According to the webloid, Seal had been performing at a bar next to the hotel when he met up with two women who “ditched their boyfriends” and went up to party with Seal in his penthouse suite. “Three was definitely not a crowd as far as Seal was concerned,” writes the site, which says a “source” claims “the drinks were flowing and the party did not stop there.”

It’s all very sexy, but this report is a total fabrication. Yes, Seal was in Sydney with his kids to shoot “The Voice.” But that’s it. RadarOnline and outlets like the New York Post, which picked up the story just to make it seem like there will be new drama in Seal and Heidi Klum’s custody proceedings, made the entire thing up. That’s why there’s no date given for this supposed hotel room romp nor any details about the women.

It simply never happened. RadarOnline has had no problem spreading “malicious and untrue” rumors this summer, and this is just more of the same. A rep for Seal tells Gossip Cop the story is “absolutely untrue and a complete lie.” With more and more celebrities calling out RadarOnline’s outright fabrications, we can only hope better journalism will follow.

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