Scream Queens Full Trailer Has Lea Michele Getting Hazed – WATCH VIDEO!

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scream queens full trailer video

By James Crugnale


scream queens full trailer video


The full-length trailer for “Scream Queens” was released on Tuesday, and it features Lea Michele fending for her life as she and other sorority pledges are being hazed. As Gossip Cop reported, the upcoming Fox comedy-horror show is about a murder spree that takes place at a sorority house. See the video below.

The new trailer also reveals more of Emma Roberts’ character Chanel Oberlin, the president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, and her antagonistic relationship with the school’s dean of students, Cathy Munsch, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. At one point, Munsch tells Oberlin, “I hate sororities, and I hate you. For years, I’ve seen the damage your so-called sisterhoods have had on young girls. This year Kappa will be required to accept anyone who wants to become a pledge.”

As a result, the sorority accepts a number of dorky pledges, including Lea Michele’s Hester character, who wears a scoliosis neckbrace. As part of the hazing, the pledges are buried into a lawn with just their heads exposed. Things, however, go horribly wrong when a red-masked murderer rides a lawnmower over one of the pledge’s heads.

The trailer also features a shirtless Nick Jonas running on the treadmill as the red-masked killer enters the room. He says, “What am I supposed to be scared?” Check out the full length trailer below of “Scream Queens,” and tell us what you think.

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