Scott Stapp Allegedly Thought He Was Supposed To Kill President Obama For CIA

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Scott Stapp Obama Assassination

By Daniel Gates

Scott Stapp Obama Assassination

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Scott Stapp, the troubled former Creed singer, allegedly believed he was a CIA agent tasked with assassinating President Obama during his psychological meltdown last month. The rocker’s estranged and alarmed wife, Jaclyn, told a 911 operator in November that Stapp posed a danger to himself and others, and she desperately sought police assistance in bringing Stapp in for psychiatric treatment.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Stapp was recently in a mental health facility as he descended into paranoia, homelessness and poverty during what appears to have been a psychological breakdown. He posted a long Facebook video explaining that people around him had stolen money from him, and later gave a radio interview during which he blamed his situation on critical comments he’d made about Obama on TV in 2012.

In the newly surfaced 911 call, which you can hear part of below, Stapp’s wife joins his sister-in-law in pleading with law enforcement officials to help corral Stapp after he left treatment. They allege Stapp was bicycling shirtless around the neighborhood, carrying a bag filled with hundreds of pages of CIA documents. Jaclyn says Stapp believed he was working for the spy organization and tasked with assassinating Obama.

Stapp has maintained in recent weeks that he is sober and the victim of a plot by the IRS and the people around him. Stapp’s family contends that he’s using drugs heavily and needs to be placed on a psychiatric hold. Hear the troubling new audio below, and tell us what you think.

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