Scott Disick Taking DNA Test To Prove He Fathered Kourtney Kardashian’s Son?

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By Michael Lewittes


Scott Disicks “Battle to Keep Mason!” screams the cover of OK! which claims Kourtney Kardashians baby daddy is set to take a paternity test to prove he’s Mason’s biological dad.

Rehashing last week’s In Touch story which alleged that model Michael Girgenti could be the real father of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s son, the tabloid declares that the couple is “livid” about Girgenti’s paternity accusations.

A supposed Kardashian “relative” tells the tab, “Of course, Scott will take a DNA test, just to quiet the doubters.” But the purported kin fears the potential legal battle could destroy the close-knit clan, saying, “I don’t like what this is going to do to our family. I hope to god it doesn’t go to court.”

Our” family? That’s a nice touch, pretending this anonymous “source” is an actual, concerned member of the Kardashian family. Anyway, the mag further states that Girgenti’s paternity claims have “roiled” Disick and Kardashian’s “stormy relationship.”

Uh… Girgenti has been making these allegations since 2009. The couple was not “roiled” by the accusations then, nor are they affected by the pathetic claims now. This entire story is merely a weak attempt by OK! to keep the Disick paternity drama going. Fortunately, no one is listening to the ongoing saga because everyone knows the model’s claims are just a sad reach for 15 minutes of fame. It’s not going to happen. Sorry.

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Scott Disick is taking a paternity test to see if Mason is his son.

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