Scarlett Johansson Hates “ScarJo” Nickname, Ignores Tabloid Rumors


By Daniel Gates


Do not call Scarlett Johansson “ScarJo.” “Oh, it’s awful,” the actress says of her syllable-saving nickname. She tells USA Today, “It’s a laziness. People can’t actually say the whole name? It’s just bizarre.”

To illustrate her point, the We Bought a Zoo star mentions a couple of celebrities whose names don’t get shortened, wondering, for instance, why Daniel Day-Lewis is not “DaDay.” “So Cate Blanchett is not, like, ‘CaBla’? Why is that?” asks Johansson. “Why do I have to get stuck?”

The actress acknowledges that one good thing about the “ScarJo” moniker is that it serves as a kind of familiarity test. “If I hear somebody say that, I know I don’t know them at all,” she explains.

On the subject of people not knowing her, Johansson says she’s recently stopped reading rumors about herself. She says, “One of the best things I learned this year was to not read any tabloid, gossipy, you know, garbage. It really keeps you on the straight and narrow.”

In terms of the endless romantic rumors following her split from Ryan Reynolds, Johansson ignores them. “It’s just nice to have kind of a blinder up in that regard. It helps keep you sane,” she says. “I can’t follow all that stuff. It’s too exhausting.”

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