Sarah Stage Pictures: 8 Months Pregnant Model Shocks World With Skinny Photos

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Sarah Stage

By Daniel Gates


Sarah Stage


Sarah Stage is a model. She’s eight and a half months pregnant. She looks like this (see right and below). Not surprisingly, the Los Angeles-based 30-year-old’s Instagram documentation of her unconventional pregnancy body is now drawing a lot of attention.

On Friday, Stage shared her latest picture, commenting, “Eek officially 81/2 months… And he’s now 5lbs #34weeks.” Obviously proud of her svelte frame and striking abs, it’s the lack of a noticeable baby bump that’s leading many observers’ jaws to drop.

“Holy crap,” wrote one admiring commenter. Another person said, “Wish I looked like this at 8 months pregnant lol.” A third jealous individual commented, “She don’t even look preggers. I didn’t have that kind of luck either.” Yet another envious woman said, “This woman is skinnier then I am at 8 Months pregnant ::cries:… she even has abs. -sigh-.”

But another group of people expressed concerns that Stage’s fitness regimen during her pregnancy may wind up having negative health effects on her baby. Still others are pointing out the potential dangers of giving women unrealistic body expectations for their own pregnancies. See the pictures of a pregnant Stage that have captivated the Internet below, and tell us what you think. The photos were all taken between February 17 and now.

Sarah Stage Pregnant


Sarah Stage Baby


Sarah Stage 8 Months Pregnant


Sarah Stage Baby Bump


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