Sarah Silverman Plays Joan Rivers Roasting Dead Celebs In Heaven On SNL

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Sarah Silverman Joan Rivers SNL

By Michael Lewittes


Sarah Silverman Joan Rivers SNL


Sarah Silverman played Joan Rivers in a sketch on “SNL” in which the late comedian was in heaven, roasting a slew of other deceased notables, including Richard Pryor, Steve Jobs, Lucille Ball, and Benjamin Franklin.

Of Pryor, Rivers joked that he fooled around so much, “The longest relationship he ever had was with multiple sclerosis.”

She then said about Jobs that everyone in heaven should force him to buy a new and better casket every six months, so the Apple founder could see how we all feel about iPhone releases.

Rivers asked Franklin, “Where did you get that outfit? Forever 1721?” She continued, “My Ben! Something tells me that those bifocoals aren’t the only thing ‘bi’ about you.” Rivers then turned to Ball and told her how much she liked the “I Love Lucy” episode in the chocolate factory, before cracking, “You stuck more chocolates down your throat than the Kardashians.” Much like the real Rivers, Silverman’s jokes also crossed the line.

In real-life, Rivers and this week’s “SNL” host were close. Silverman even publicly mourned her mentor last month on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Check out the video of Silverman as Joan Rivers, and tell us what you think.

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