Sarah Palin on Hillary Clinton: Having A Grandchild Will “Broaden Her View”

Truth rating: 10

By Shari Weiss



Sarah Palin sounded off on Hillary Clinton and the former First Lady’s chances at becoming president in a new interview with “Extra” (video below). Asked whether becoming a grandma when daughter Chelsea gives birth will affect Clinton’s electability, Palin replied, “I think it will kind of broaden her world view.”

“I think anyone who is a grandparent really starts looking at even further down the road. We start thinking about things like $17 trillion debt that our nation is under, and we’re going to hand that to our grandkids for them to pay off for our short-sighted thinking and spending today?” Palin went on. She added, “That’s not right. That’s not fair to our grandkids. Hopefully she start thinking along those terms too.”

And the former vice presidential candidate insisted she won’t be deciding anytime soon whether she herself will run in 2016. “Oh my goodness, it would be some time down the road because a lot can happen, especially in the world of politics in just a matter of days, weeks, months, much less two years.”

What else did Palin have to say to Mario Lopez? Check out the video below!

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