Sarah Jessica Parker Says She “Enjoys Jury Duty,” Despite Newspaper’s Claim

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By Michael Lewittes



Sarah Jessica Parker got called for jury duty yesterday, but didn’t appear eager to serve,” reports the New York Post.

The paper says Parker was overheard “griping to another prospective panelist about the better things she had to do than cool her heels in Manhattan federal court.” The “Sex and the City” star supposedly made different excuses about why she couldn’t serve, allegedly telling fellow panelists, “My daughter is at home sick,” and then later noted she had an “international flight” the following day.

However, that’s NOT what happened. Far from “griping,” Parker, who arrived early to court yesterday, was happy to serve, and she NEVER offered any reasons to be excused. She also did not have – nor claimed to have had – an “international flight” today. In fact, even though one of Parker’s twin daughters was running a temperature of 103 degrees, the actress arranged for a babysitter and coordinated with husband Matthew Broderick, just so that she could fulfill her jury duty obligation.

Gossip Cop spoke directly with Parker, who tells us, “I’m one of the few who enjoys jury duty,” noting she’s met interesting people the past two times she’s willingly served. And despite the Post‘s claim that she was angling for an out, Parker never listed any reasons why she couldn’t serve when filling out a form given to prospective jurors yesterday morning nor did she offer any excuses when later asked by court officials or the presiding judge.

Incredibly, the Post was fully aware that Parker didn’t note any hardships or excuses on her juror form when she handed it in before court began. Instead, the tab only quoted (albeit inaccurately) a conversation Parker had four hours later about her sick daughter in an effort to make it seem like she was trying to get of jury duty.

A court spokeswoman confirms to Gossip Cop that Parker never attempted to slide out of jury duty, and “had every intention to serve.” Actually, Parker far from acts like a Hollywood diva. She’s routinely spotted in New York walking her son James to school, dropping off dry cleaning, and even taking the subway, which she did yesterday to court.

Not only did the actress tell Gossip Cop she would be “happy to serve” when asked again, but she encourages everyone to “do it.” “I respect the process,” says Parker, adding, “it’s a necessity.”

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