OK! Magazine Runs FALSE Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Split Story

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By Daniel Gates


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are allegedly “calling it quits,” according to yet another made-up OK! magazine cover story. According to the tabloid, which fabricated a story about the couple last week, Parker and Broderick have been torn apart after 17 years of marriage for “shocking reasons.”

“Those close to the couple say the relationship has disintegrated to the point where a divorce seems imminent,” alleges the magazine, which makes up stuff about perfectly happy couples on a regular basis. What supposedly happened between Broderick and Parker? The entire shaky OK! narrative seems to be based on years-old, false allegations that Broderick cheated on Parker back in 2008.

According to the outlet, which makes up stuff, while the couple purportedly tried to put the alleged affair behind them, they “never really recovered from the breach of trust.” Now, says the magazine that makes up stuff, Broderick and Parker are supposedly spending less time together as their relationship allegedly unravels.

In other words… the entire cover story from OK!, which makes up stuff, is neither new nor “shocking” nor interesting. It’s also 100 percent false. There is NO truth whatsoever to the claim that Broderick and Parker are in trouble or heading for a split. Reps for the couple tell Gossip Cop the story is “complete nonsense” and “very cruel.” Nothing new for OK!

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