Sarah Ferguson “Devastated” She Was Not Invited to Prince William Wedding?

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By Michael Lewittes

Sarah Ferguson

(Perez Hilton)

“Royal Fergie Devastated After Getting Snubbed From Royal Wedding,” reads a headline on Perez Hilton, who notes (as Gossip Cop previously reported) that Sarah Ferguson was not invited to the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

According to Perez, a friend of Fergie’s says, “Sarah is devastated that she hasn’t been invited. Hasn’t she been punished enough by the family? Sarah is down on her luck and this is the same as kicking a person while they are down.” The blogger’s so-called “insider” adds, “Sarah was hoping that the wedding would provide her with the opportunity to spend quality time with the family,” and instead she will be watching the nuptials from abroad, “Trying to start her life knowing that kissing a prince doesn’t guarantee a happy ending.”

First, that last line about “kissing a prince doesn’t guarantee a happy ending” is a totally made up quotation. No one in real life speaks that way. But that sentence isn’t the only fabrication. The whole story is a fake.

Ferguson is no longer part of the royal family, and never expected to be invited. As Queen Elizabeth‘s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter simply said, “Who invites an ex-wife to a family occasion?” No one. Seriously, Fergie being “devastated” that she wasn’t invited to her ex-husband’s nephew’s wedding is like Perez being “devastated” he didn’t win a Pulitzer Prize. Both are huge stretches.

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