MAG: Sandra Bullock “Obsessed with Being Skinny”

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By Michael Lewittes


Sandra Bullock is “obsessed with being skinny,” blares the cover of Life & Style, which goes on to claim the star is rapidly losing weight because she’s “heartbroken” over Ryan Reynolds‘ supposed new romance with Olivia Wilde.

The mag says Bullock “shocked” onlookers with her “radical transformation” when she left an L.A. Pilates studio on September 23. An alleged eyewitness tells the tabloid, “She looked scary thin,” noting, “Her face looked gaunt. Her neck was so skinny — there wasn’t an ounce of fat on it.”

Life & Style attributes Bullock’s so-called body “transformation” to the fact that her close friend Reynolds “recently began dating the stunning and slim Olivia Wilde.” “The loneliness and doubt that Sandra feels now that Ryan’s moved on could have led to feelings of insecurity about her body,” offers the mag, citing medical “experts,” who speculate that her alleged sadness has triggered the “dramatic weight loss.”

Aside from working out regularly, Life & Style also says Bullock “has become increasingly careful about her diet,” so much so that she “won’t let herself enjoy an entire meal” when she goes out to restaurants. According to a so-called “pal” of the actress, “She never lets herself pig out now. She will eat half a cookie and not touch the other half.” Enough already.

Here’s what’s accurate about this story: Bullock regularly works out. Here’s what’s wrong: EVERYTHING ELSE. Bullock is NOT “scary thin,” as anyone can see just by looking at her. And she was never dating Reynolds, so why would she be heartbroken if he was involved with Wilde (which he’s not)?

Regardless, a rep for Bullock tells Gossip Cop, “None of it is true,” noting that the actress got fit for her upcoming movie Gravity, which she recently finished filming. Once again, Life & Style is thin on facts.

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