CLAIM: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Planning Barefoot BBQ Wedding

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By Daniel Gates

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are planning a Texas wedding, reports Star magazine.

They’re “set to wed in a backyard ceremony – with BBQ, bare feet and [Bullock’s son] Louis as best man!” How fun! “Plans have been in the works for nuptials in the next few months ever since the couple broached the topic during a mid-August vacation,” explains the magazine, which cites an “insider” as saying that Bullock decided to “pull the trigger” when she saw how well Reynolds and Louis get along.

The event will supposedly take place at Bullock’s home in Austin, Texas, with “no more than 25 of the couple’s closest friends and family” in attendance. According to Star, “the wedding will be relaxed, heartfelt and fun – just like Ryan and Sandra’s relationship.”

Hmm. What other words could be used to describe the “relationship”? How about fictional and fabricated and non-existent and imaginary? There’s not going to be a wedding, because Bullock and Reynolds have no romantic relationship.

Sources close to both laughed off Star‘s “Texas wedding” report. Come to think of it, we hear a lot of laughter when we follow up on Star stories. We do wish it were true, though, because we’d love to see what kind of bachelor party 20-month-old “best man” Louis would throw for Reynolds!

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