Sandra Bullock Suing Jesse James in $20 Million Defamation Suit?

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By Michael Lewittes


Sandra Bullock may finally get revenge on her cheating ex-husband Jesse James, reports Star magazine, which claims the actress is considering slapping him with a $20 million defamation lawsuit.

Although Bullock has taken the high road since her ex publicly humiliated her almost two years ago, supposed “insiders” for the mag say that James’ latest snipe, wherein he referred to Bullock as “some Hollywood actress,” may have pushed her “too far.” According to an attorney, Bullock “has every legal right to initiate a defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband if she believes that any of the public statements he’s made about her have been defamatory.”

Among the other statements Star deems defamatory include James declaring that Kat Von D was “‘100 percent’ more fun in bed than Sandra,” saying that the year when he destroyed his marriage to Bullock was “the best year of my life,” and writing in his memoir that being married to her left him feeling “empty inside.” The mag then consults another lawyer, who adds, “If Jesse keeps revealing personal information about Sandra, she could also stop him by suing for an invasion of privacy. To prove invasion of privacy, Sandra need only prove that Jesse is disclosing intimate details of her private life,” explains the attorney.

OK, so basically Star presents an argument that Bullock could maybe possibly sue James. But the real question, and the only one that really matters is, does she actually have any plans to do so? The answer is a flat-out NO. A source extremely close to the actress tells Gossip Cop the lawsuit story is “completely false.” Perhaps Star should spend a little less time exploring legal theory and a bit more time actually reporting on celebrities.

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