CLAIM: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Getting Ready for “Baby”

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By Daniel Gates


According to many clueless outlets, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have embarked on one of Hollywood’s most stirring romances, with one rumor even claiming Reynolds planned to “adopt” Bullock’s baby.

This week, OK! magazine ratchets up the nonsense another notch. The tabloid says Bullock and Reynolds intend to have a kid together. “Sandy would love nothing more than to give Louis a brother or sister,” reveals a so-called OK! “source.” “And Ryan could be her ticket to having a child of her own!”

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing in the piece itself to justify the absurd cover line about the two stars having a kid together. There’s talk about how much Bullock loves her adopted son, Louis, and discussion of Reynolds’ own inclination to have children one day.

Apparently, that’s all it takes for OK! to connect the dots, even though, as Gossip Cop has reported repeatedly, Bullock and Reynolds are not even dating. Ah, but a Bullock “friend” tells the magazine that it really is just that easy! “Out of the blue, here comes this guy who she’s known for 10 years and loves dearly already and he just answers all of her prayers,” explains the supposed insider.

Actually, it’s this entire story that’s “out of the blue,” and completely untrue. Sources close to both Bullock and Reynolds assure Gossip Cop that there is no romantic relationship, let alone any imminent “baby bliss.”

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