Mag: Sandra Bullock At ‘Rock Bottom’ After Ryan Reynolds Begins Dating Blake Lively

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By Daniel Gates


Recently, tabloids have assumed that Sandra Bullock must be devastated over Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively dating. OK! magazine wrongly claims she reacted by getting a “new face.”

And now the National Enquirer, which this past summer said Bullock was “primed for a passionate love affair” with George Clooney and addicted to chewing tobacco, argues that the actress has hit “rock bottom,” and is even turning down work because she’s so upset over Reynolds and Lively. “The Oscar winner suffered an emotional breakdown” after hearing about the new couple, claims the Enquirer, with a so-called “insider” describing Bullock as “reeling.”

The “insider” explains, “At one point, I’m sure she thought maybe she and Ryan had a chance at love and started looking at him as potential husband material.” Now supposedly heartbroken again, Bullock is said to have retreated from the world, including possibly starring in Clint Eastwood‘s film Trouble with the Curve. “She’s not in a good head space right now, and the last thing she wants is to dive into an emotionally wrenching, high-profile movie,” explains the “insider.”

Enough already. As Gossip Cop has reported for months, Bullock and Reynolds are friends – and were never romantically involved. Linking her professional decisions to non-existent jealousy is silly. Claiming the single mom is undergoing an “emotional breakdown” because of Blake Lively is even more ridiculous, but, sadly, not surprising for a publication that’s been so wrong, so often about Bullock. A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer story is “completely wrong.”

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