Sandra Bullock Eats With Cocktail Fork To Stay Skinny, Claims Absurd Story

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By Michael Lewittes

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Sandra Bullock has an interesting “stay-skinny secret,” reports Star.

The magazine claims the actress “credits her svelte figure to something most people have in their kitchen drawer.”

Ooh… tell us more.

A purported “tipster” for the tab says, “Sandra figured out that she eats smaller portions when she uses a cocktail fork.”

The supposed “source” alleges, “It forces her to eat more slowly, and she winds up eating less.”

Star’s “insider” further adds that Bullock is now “telling pals that the tiny fork is the secret to her success.”

Yes, the Oscar-winning actress credits a piece of silverware for all of her life’s achievements.


This story is completely inane.

Still, we checked in with a Bullock insider, who called the report “ridiculous.”

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