Samuel L. Jackson Movie Gets Actor Out Of Jury Duty

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Samuel L Jackson Jury Duty

By Andrew Shuster

Samuel L Jackson Jury Duty

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Samuel L. Jackson was dismissed from jury duty on Tuesday after convincing a Los Angeles judge that serving as a juror would interfere with work commitments for an upcoming movie and cause him to be in breach of contract.

Judge Richard Fruin read aloud in court a letter written by Jackson, in which the actor said that although being considered as a juror is a “privilege,” the trial would conflict timewise with the production of a film he’s scheduled to shoot over the next few months. Jackson also insisted that others would be affected by his absence because the delay in filming would cause the studio financial problems. Jackson did say, however, that he would be happy to serve as a juror in the future when time permits.

“My inclination is to grant his request,” Fruin said, to which attorneys on both sides agreed. Jackson mingled with the other prospective jurors during his time in the courthouse, telling reporters, “They’re a good group of people.” Jackson was being considered for a negligence case that centered around a woman suing a pharmaceutical research firm. The plaintiff’s 25-year-old schizophrenic son son died after taking part in the drug company’s study.

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