VIDEO: Reporter Forgets Microphone Is On, Calls KTLA Anchor Sam Rubin Fat

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Sam Rubin Fat

By Daniel Gates


Sam Rubin Fat


Sam Rubin is a well-known news personality at KTLA in Los Angeles. He’s also fat, according to his colleague Ginger Chan, who accidentally made a less-than-flattering joke at Rubin’s expense during a recent broadcast, not realizing her microphone was still on.

While bantering with his co-anchors, Rubin good-naturedly said, “My wife calls and is like, ‘Since when did you become the fat one on that show?'” Off-camera, Chan, the station’s traffic reporter, can be heard saying, “He’s always been!”

Everyone (including Rubin) immediately begins to crack up, except for Chan, who only realizes after a few moments that she accidentally made her joke about Rubin’s weight into a live mic. The initial look of horror on her face is priceless; Chan then doubles over in embarrassed laughter.

Rubin took the jab in stride, and KTLA even posted video of the moment to its Facebook page, noting, “Accidents happen, and that’s why our anchors are supposed to turn off their microphones when not on camera. Wondering what kinds of slip ups can happen? Watch the clip to see Ginger Chan’s accidental dis. Sorry, Sam Rubin. We think you look great!”

Rubin is no stranger to Gossip Cop readers. In February, the KTLA anchor confused Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview. It was extremely uncomfortable, and Rubin’s laughter, unlike this current incident, only made it worse. Note: Video no longer available.

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