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Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock – Secret Dates?

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By Daniel Gates

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It had to happen – a tabloid claims Ryan Reynolds has been secretly dating friend and former co-star Sandra Bullock.

Reynolds and his wife Scarlett Johansson have decided to divorce, so Star is seizing the moment to spread a rumor about Reynolds and Bullock.

“Ryan turned more and more to his close friend Sandra” as his marriage collapsed, reports the mag. “There were phone calls, date nights and even a secret getaway!”

Ooh… go on!

On the set of The Proposal in 2008, the two “totally hit it off from the start,” says a “source” for Star. Reynolds and Bullock supposedly joked around with each other and had late-night chats at their hotel.

When things with Johansson got worse this past summer, alleges the mag, Reynolds “turned to Sandra,” even meeting up with her at her sister’s bakery in Austin on September 26 while wearing “a dark hat and sunglasses.”

Yeah, about that clandestine Texas “getaway”… Reynolds was only even in Austin because he was presenting at the Fantastic Fest film festival there.

Also, Bullock brought baby Louis and her bodyguard to the get-together.

Because it wasn’t romantic. It was friendly.

Even Star admits near the end of its article that their relationship is platonic, speculating that Reynolds and Bullock could become something more. “They’re the closest of friends. Now that they’re single, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they became a couple!” gushes a Star source.

Back in reality, however, just because their splits from Johansson and Jesse James, respectively, have left them single, Reynolds and Bullock are not a romantic pair.

They’re “literally nothing except friends,” a rep for Reynolds tells Gossip Cop.

And Star is literally nothing if not desperate to create a juicy story.


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