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EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Reynolds Pulled Plug on Marriage

Truth rating: 8

By Michael Lewittes



Today, the New York Daily News examines why Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson split up, and in the process the paper makes a few notable errors.

Picking up on a story from E!, the tabloid reports that Blake Lively - Reynolds’ Green Lantern costar – “may have led him astray,” and that there were “rumblings that everything wasn’t exactly up to wedding vow snuff” with Reynolds and Lively on the film’s set.


The Daily News also writes, “It wasn’t until the end of last month, when Reynolds returned to the city from Los Angeles, that Johansson told him she wanted a divorce.”

According to a so-called “source” for the paper, “Reynolds wasn’t ready [to get a divorce] and told her they ‘should avoid it at all costs.'”

So, did Reynolds stray with Lively?

Absolutely NOT.

“There was no cheating on either part,” says a source close to Reynolds and Johansson. And a source close to Lively assures Gossip Cop that talk of the “Gossip Girl” star and Reynolds ever hooking up is “150 percent untrue.”

Additionally, contrary to the News‘ contention, our insider reveals “Ryan was the one to pull the plug” on the marriage, though ultimately it was “a mutual decision.”

While less sexy than allegations of infidelity, the real reason Johansson and Reynolds split, says our impeccable source, was that “they grew apart because of distance.”

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