The Madoffs’ Attempted Suicide: Who’s Lying – Ruth or Bernie? [VIDEO]


By Michael Lewittes

Ruth And Bernie Madoff


“60 Minutes” has been hyping its Sunday interview with Ruth Madoff in which she claims that she and her husband Bernie Madoff attempted suicide. On Christmas Eve a few years ago, according to Ruth, she and the Ponzi schemer who left scores of people, organizations, and charities broke, “decided to kill ourselves.”

“I don’t know whose idea it was… it was so horrendous what was happening,” says Ruth, whose husband horrendously ruined many people’s lives. “We had terrible phone calls. Hate mail, just beyond anything and I said, ‘I just can’t go on anymore.’” Ruth says rather unconvincingly that they took Ambien and possibly some Klonopin. As for how many pills, Ruth vaguely offers, “I took what we had, he took more.”

This is all very interesting, except Ruth may be as big a liar as her jailed-for-life husband. Bernie Madoff told New York magazine earlier this year that he never considered suicide. When discussing his son Mark’s own suicide, Bernie said, “I don’t understand that. But [Mark] just couldn’t stand the pressure of what he was under.”

As for him, Bernie says he didn’t any have suicidal thoughts, “I never thought of taking my life. It’s just not the way I am.” So who do you believe, and why? Note: The “60 Minutes” video is no longer available.

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