Russell Simmons Defends Chris Brown – What Do You Think?

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By Daniel Gates



Chris Brown‘s behavior has generated a lot of attention, but one response in particular is getting buzz of its own. In a blog post on Global Grind, Russell Simmons defends Brown, who recently stormed out of ABC after a “Good Morning America” interview veered into the topic of his assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

“Chris is suffering from the same thing that almost every young star has gone through, including the Disney kids,” writes Simmons. “Having lost control, some of these young artists, sometimes, do an unspeakable thing at a moment in time. And they pay the price. But… what’s not fair is artists paying the price of the sins in their young lives for the rest of their lives.”

Simmons believes that “when fame snatches your freedom, the ability to control your own life becomes much more difficult.” He mentions the tribulations of other notable young stars and says that Brown deserves similar lenience.

“Disney kids are allowed a little bit more of a break. Sometimes you have to even feel sorry for them. Not that the media didn’t continue to drive Britney Spears freakin’ crazy. Not that the media doesn’t mess with Miley Cyrus every day. Not that the media doesn’t stalk Lindsay Lohan. I’m just saying, give this man [Brown] a break.”

Many observers (and commenters on Global Grind) have expressed outrage at Simmons for wanting Brown, who committed a heinous act of violence, to get a pass for his transgressions. Simmons’ support of Brown raises many difficult issues of crime and redemption, youth and personal responsibility, double standards and media treatment. How do you feel about Brown answering for his past behavior during his current press tour? What do you think of Simmons’ opinion?

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