Russell Brand: I “Loved” Being Married to “Amazing” Katy Perry (VIDEO)

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Russell Brand Today Show

By Daniel Gates


Russell Brand Today Show


Russell Brand called his ex-wife Katy Perry an “amazing person” during a Monday appearance on the “Today Show,” where the actor and author spoke about his “big views on big issues” (video below). It’s all tied to his new book, “Revolution.”

Brand told Matt Lauer about some of his controversial opinions, such as full drug legalization and an opposition to voting, but also shared a bit about his personal life, saying he has no regrets about his brief marriage to Perry.

About legalizing drugs, Brand a former addict, explained, “I think drugs should be strongly regulated, and you can’t have drug regulated if they’re in the hands of a criminal economy.” He adds that addicts should be treated like addicts, not like criminals.

On the subject of love, though his marriage to Perry did not work out, he said that’s “ultimately what we’re here for.” He also talked about all the good deeds he was going to do and those he will apologize to. But don’t get him started about politics. He feels the parties that win are the ones that have the most money and, therefore, do not represent the regular people, but the elite in power. That, among other reasons, is why he will never vote.

As for fame, Brand says it’s “nice at first, good for the restaurants and the under-the-table action, but ultimately unfulfilling.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.

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