Russell Brand: I’m “Open-Minded” To 9/11 Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

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Russell Brand 911 Conspiracy Theories

By Michael Lewittes


Russell Brand 911 Conspiracy Theories


Russell Brand is being slammed after admitting during an interview on Thursday’s BBC Newsnight that he is “open-minded” to 9/11 conspiracy theories.

The actor, who appeared on the show to promote his new book “Revolution,” quickly grew angry with news anchor Evan Davis as they discussed his views on political reform. Davis noted, “In the book you refer to the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, 9/11, as what some people say looked like a controlled explosion. One might read that as you giving some credence to conspiracy theories.” Brand responded, “You can read the book in whatever manner you would like to.” David then pressed Brand if he truly believed the “Twin Towers were destroyed by forces of the American government or similar.”

Brand replied, “I think it is interesting at this time when we have so little trust in our political figures, where ordinary people have so little trust in their media, that we have to remain open-minded to any kind of possibility.” He continued. “What I do think is very interesting is the relationship that the Bush family have had for a long time with the Bin Laden family. What I do think is interesting is the way that even the BBC reports the events in Ottawa to subtly build an anti-Islamic narrative. I think that’s very interesting.”

David followed up, “But you’re not suggesting the Bush family were involved in the destruction of 9/11?” A frustrated Brand responded, “I don’t want to talk about daft conspiracy theories here on Newsnight, mate.”

Check out the video below, and scroll to the 11:20 mark for Brand’s comments!

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