Russell Armstrong Lawyer Blasts Site for “Hit Piece”


By Michael Lewittes


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Russell Armstrong may have been driven to suicide by fear of an impending tell-all book,” begins a piece from RadarOnline.

The blog quotes an unnamed source with alleged “inside information” as saying, “Russell was recently informed that a tell-all book was being written and that many of his secrets were going to be made public.” That same so-called “source” claims Armstrong “had expressed great concern about the book” because it was going to “reveal extensive details about Russell’s sexual indiscretions and preferences along with sordid secrets which could be deemed by some as deviant behavior.”

According to RadarOnline’s supposed “source,” Armstrong had been told some of his “exes were going on the record to expose the skeletons in his closet,” and that he was “really upset about it,” leading “friends” to believe it was the “final straw for him.” Really? NO.

And RadarOnline didn’t even bother to fact-check that flimsy story — or a subsequent piece alleging Armstrong was “bisexual” — with the late “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s attorney, Ronald Richards. And now Richards has fought back, firing off a strong letter, which essentially refutes the blog’s entire post.

Gossip Cop has obtained a copy of Richards’ missive, which slams RadarOnline for its “false” and “patently incredulous” “hit piece.” Below is the letter Richards sent to RadarOnline:

“I am intimately familiar with all pending matters regarding Russell Armstrong. One of my engagements was to deal with internet defamation. I believe the story about a tell all book is false, unfair, ill motivated, and patently incredulous. No one would buy a book about Russell and his sexual orientation, especially, in Los Angeles, and expect to make a profit. The only basis for such a book is attempted blackmail. He only had sex with his wife and no one else.”

These anonymous statements should not be given any forum. They are unverified and lack any credibility. However, since they are being published, I would request that his views be represented. Otherwise, your story looks like a hit piece as you never called me for any comment on this story prior to publication. I am requesting balance immediately.”

Gossip Cop reached out to RadarOnline for a comment but has yet to hear back.

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