Rosie O’Donnell Slams Rumor She Gave Up Baby Boy Because Of Birth Defect

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Rosie O'Donnell surrogate baby boy

By Minyvonne Burke

Rosie O'Donnell surrogate baby boy

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Rosie O’Donnell denies that she refused to take her surrogate’s baby boy after finding out the unborn child had a birth defect. On Wednesday, the former co-host of “The View” shot down the rumor on Twitter, writing that it was a “total lie.”

According to the National Enquirer, O’Donnell had arranged for her surrogate, Jami Weaver, to have a second baby for her and her now-estranged wife Michelle Rounds. Weaver tells the tabloid that before she gave birth to the pair’s adopted daughter, Dakota, O’Donnell asked her to carry one more baby. “When I found out I was carrying a boy, I emailed them to say I needed to know they were on board, because otherwise I would have an abortion,” says Weaver, noting that O’Donnell told her not to terminate the pregnancy.

Weaver then says that during a doctor’s visit she found out that the unborn baby boy had gastroschisis, a birth defect that causes the baby’s intestines to protrude outside the body. “Rosie told me she could not handle having a special needs child,” alleges Weaver, adding, “Rosie said that she’d had a previous relationship with a girlfriend who had several kids, most of whom had ‘issues,’ including autism.”

O’Donnell herself is slamming the tabloid’s claim. She tweeted that the Enquirer’s report as a “lie.”

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