Rose McGowan: “My Eyes Still Hurt” After Smoke Bomb Attack In New York Restaurant (EXCLUSIVE)

Rose McGowan Smoke Bomb

By Michael Lewittes


Rose McGowan Smoke Bomb

(Getty Images)

Rose McGowan was dining at Bar Pitti in New York on Friday when a man suddenly emerged from under a grate on the street and threw a smoke bomb into the hip restaurant.

After hurling the bomb, the man then climbed back underground and vanished.

Thick red smoke filled the restaurant, where around 50 patrons were eating, including McGowan, who tells Gossip Cop exclusively that several hours later “my eyes still hurt.”

“I thought it was a [real] bomb,” she adds.

McGowan was with a friend and her friend’s four-year-old son, who they briefly “lost in the red smoke.”

Officers from the NYPD — including several members of the bomb squad — quickly rushed to the scene.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

The suspect, who remains at large, has been described as a white man with blond hair, wearing a T-shirt with the American flag emblazoned on it.

The police do not believe it was related to terrorism.

Gossip Cop will update as more information emerges.

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