Rosario Dawson: “I Was A Virgin Until I Was 20 Years Old!”

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Rosario Dawson Cosmo For Latinas Fall 2014

By Michael Lewittes


Rosario Dawson Cosmo For Latinas Fall 2014

(Sheryl Nields)

Rosario Dawson opens up in the fall issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas about romance, her teen years, and waiting to lose her virginity.


“I was an awkward teenager. I went stag to my prom,” Dawson tells the magazine. “I was dating one guy in elementary school who made me hold hands at recess, and then he broke up with me to go with a girl who would make out.”

The Sin City star notes, “I was a virgin until I was 20 years old! My mother was raising five kids on her own, I wasn’t just going to sit back and be a horny teenager and continue some cycle of teenage pregnancy — I wanted more opportunities.”

Now that she is an adult, Dawson admits that she loves “intimacy.”

“I love men! I love romance,” she adds. “I would love to fall deeply in love with someone, but at the same time it’s not my everything.”

When it comes to relationships, Dawson says she values thoughtful gestures over lavish gifts.

“For my 25th birthday, my then-boyfriend prepared a beautiful bath for me,” she recalls. “He put flowers and a bunch of little candles everywhere. He was crazy busy, and he knew I loved a great bath!”

Dawson explains, “I remember it was so small but it was so special to me because he thought it through.”

What do you think of Dawson’s comments?

Check out the photos from her spread in the magazine below!

Rosario Dawson Cosmo For Latinas 2014

(Sheryl Nields)

Cosmo For Latinas Rosario Dawson

(Sheryl Nields)

Rosario Dawson Cosmo For Latinas

(Sheryl Nields)

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