Robin Williams Last Words, Suicide Notes Faked For Sleazy In Touch Cover Story (EXCLUSIVE)

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Robin Williams Last Words

By Daniel Gates


Robin Williams Last Words

(In Touch)

Robin Williams is the victim of In Touch’s latest horrendous cover story, one that manages to be even worse than the tabloid’s usual mix of outright lies, desperate photo manipulation, demonstrably false reporting and shameless bullsh*t.

The tabloid’s new cover declares to go “inside” the “final hours” of Williams, whose death was reported just hours before In Touch went to print.

What does the magazine claim to have discovered — before any of the hundreds of actually reputable news outlets reporting on Williams?

In Touch says it knows his last words. In Touch claims that he left multiple suicide notes. In Touch is lying. It should be noted that most of the story is filler about Williams’ career and the reaction of celebrities to his death.

This is because In Touch is often as lazy and redundant as it is wrong, and the print publication has very little to add about Williams’ passing that wasn’t said earlier and better by online outlets like Gossip Cop.

But when In Touch decides to trust a so-called “insider” about details regarding Williams’ “final days,” things go from lame to disgusting.

Those final hours “were a manifestation of all the darkness and hurt in his mind,” the source tells the outlet. “His last words were, “I just can’t take it anymore — the pain is too much.'”

What do you think is more likely — that In Touch knows someone who was with Williams immediately before he hanged himself, or that In Touch made up those “last words”?

The mag’s “source” later says of Williams, “He’d relapsed and couldn’t live with himself. He’s believed to have left a number of suicide notes, saying how he couldn’t take the pain of life, how he felt he had lost the ability to be funny to a younger generation and how sorry he was to all the people he loved.”

Law enforcement officials have found no suicide notes at Williams’ residence. No “source” for In Touch knows about any hidden messages, much less their alleged content.

Of course, the magazine thinks it can get away with this despicable capitalization on Williams’ death because he’s not around to dispute it. Gossip Cop won’t let that happen. Places like In Touch, with track records of fabrication and manipulation, have to be held to account for their sleazy tactics.

Williams was barely gone before the tabloid started making up a story about his “final hours.” It’s just plain wrong.

Gossip Cop has actual sources who are more interested in the truth than sensationalism — stay with us as he separate fact from fiction regarding Williams.

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