Night at the Museum Star: Robin Williams Helped Me Score A Date To Prom

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Robin Williams Prom

By Shari Weiss

Robin Williams Prom

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Skyler Gisondo Robin Williams Prom Date

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Robin Williams helped countless people throughout his life and career, and one of the last things he did in the months before he died was help one young co-star score a prom date.

Skyler Gisondo, who plays Ben Stiller’s son in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, tells The Hollywood Reporter that he was filming the movie with Stiller and Williams earlier this year when it came close to prom time. As his friends at home secured dates, the high school senior decided try something no one else could: getting the actors to appear in a video asking a girl to the dance.

“All morning, Robin was pitching more ideas,” recalls Gisondo. He was saying ‘Can I say this? Would it be appropriate to say this?’ You’re Robin Williams. You can say whatever you want!” The teen further remembers, “It turned into this three minute, ridiculous thing. A prom-posal. I realized that was the most awesome three minutes of my life and I’ve accepted it will go downhill from there.”

Gisondo not only won over his date, but now he has an extra personal memory of Williams, who committed suicide in August. “Robin was this bottomless reservoir of kindness and hilarity. It was just so special to work so closely with this guy who’s movies I’ve grown up with and watch his preparedness and his kindness,” he tells THR.

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